IOOF MultiSeries

IOOF MultiSeries is a range of predominantly active multi-manager funds designed for investors who are prepared to forgo some active exposure in order to reduce fees

Features and benefits

  • Less expensive than fully active funds
  • Provides extensive diversification across fund managers, investment styles and asset classes
  • True to label
  • Managed using an award winning and disciplined approach
  • Gives you access to carefully selected specialist investment managers who have a proven investment edge

Investment options

IOOF MultiSeries offers a choice of four multi-manager funds designed to suit different risk profiles.

The fund names reflect the fund’s level of exposure to growth assets. For example, the IOOF MultiSeries 30 has 30 per cent of its portfolio invested in growth assets.

IOOF MultiSeries APIR code Risk return profile
IOOF MultiSeries 30 IOF0253AU Low/medium
IOOF MultiSeries 50 IOF0254AU Medium
IOOF MultiSeries 70 IOF0090AU Medium/high
IOOF MultiSeries 90 IOF0255AU High

Why invest in IOOF MultiSeries?

IOOF MultiSeries forgoes some active exposure in order to reduce fees. This gives you access to a predominantly actively managed fund at a lower cost when compared to other active funds.

Our range of IOOF MultiSeries funds give you access to professionally constructed portfolios that have multiple layers of diversification. Your investment is diversified across:

  • investment managers
  • investment styles
  • asset classes

This broad level of diversification helps reduce overall volatility, giving you more consistent investment returns.

Each fund has been named with the objective of delivering true to its name – they are ‘true to label’. We're always looking for ways to increase returns but only within the risk constraints of the fund.

IOOF’s multi-manager funds simplify the investment selection process for you by providing access to a team of experienced investment professionals who are dedicated to identifying, blending and monitoring investment managers.

The IOOF multi-manager investment approach adds value on several fronts:

  • active asset allocation
  • active management of high quality managers
  • active risk management

With so much choice available, it’s important to be confident that you have selected the right managers. At IOOF, we can give you that confidence by actively managing diversified portfolios of high quality managers. We specialise in identifying managers that have the 'edge' required to perform. We also have a boutique portfolio where we seek to share in the future business success of boutique managers, with all benefits accruing to the fund.

How to invest

You can access the IOOF MultiSeries funds through a variety of investment platforms or even directly.

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