Multi-manager approach

IOOF Investments adopts an innovative, market-leading approach to multi-manager investing

Our approach

IOOF’s multi-manager funds simplify the investment selection process for you by providing access to a team of experienced investment professionals who are dedicated to identifying, blending and monitoring investment managers.

The IOOF multi-manager investment approach adds value on several fronts:

We know that investment performance is predominantly attributed to asset allocation. So, as you can imagine, we focus a lot of our time and energy on getting it right.

Our asset allocation is active as we believe these decisions can really benefit investors’ portfolios.

With so much choice available, it’s important to be confident that you have selected the right managers. At IOOF, we can give you that confidence by actively managing portfolios of high-quality fund managers. We specialise in identifying fund managers that have the 'edge' required to perform.

Equally important is our approach to risk management. Risk is considered at every stage of our investment process. From asset allocation to fund manager selection decisions and portfolio construction, our strong ongoing risk management practices give you confidence that we manage and consider risk.

What is multi-manager investing?