Types of financial advice

The right advice for you, when you need it

在IOOF,we believe in the value of advice and the difference it can make in helping you achieve your goals.

Whilst we recommend seeing a financial adviser for a comprehensive financial strategy, we appreciate everyone has different needs and circumstances and therefore offer different types of advice.

If you'd like to talk to us about your advice options contact the IOOF Financial Coaching team on 1800 119 062.

If you just want the facts or guidance on super, investments, insurance or estate planning, then general advice may be for you.

General advice does not take into account your particular circumstances, such as your objectives, financial situation and needs.

Therefore, general advice is recommended if you:

  • Have questions on super, retirement, aged care, investments, insurance or estate planning.
  • Would like to understand the differences between product solutions eg retail super versus an SMSF, and how to access and implement them.
  • Would like to understand technical and regulatory information eg what are the current rules regarding transitioning to retirement?
  • Are interested in finding out how a financial adviser can help.
  • Would like to be put in touch with a qualified financial adviser near you.

How much does general advice cost?

If you would like help to develop a tailored financial plan that takes into account your individual personal situation, needs and financial goals, then comprehensive advice from a qualified financial adviser is for you.

A financial adviser will assess your whole situation, develop a detailed strategy and provide ongoing advice as your circumstances change and when new opportunities arise.

Comprehensive advice from a financial adviser includes:

  • The development of a detailed plan to help you achieve your financial goals in the most tax effective way.
  • Regular reports and updates on your investment portfolio.
  • Information on changing market conditions that may affect your plan.
  • Ongoing advice that takes into account changing market conditions, regulations and your individual unique circumstances.
  • Work with your accountant and/or solicitor to ensure all your affairs and strategies are aligned.
  • Specialist advice on how you can maximise your eligibility for Centrelink benefits, Veteran’s Affairs and Disability support pensions.

How much does comprehensive advice cost?

An initial consultation with a financial adviser is generally at no cost to you with no obligation.

Because every financial plan and its level of complexity will be different according to an individual’s need and circumstances, fees can vary.

After an initial consultation, if you wish to proceed with a plan, your adviser will explain all up front and any ongoing fees and costs involved prior to your agreement to proceed.

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