How financial advice can help

At IOOF, we believe in the value of financial advice. In today’s complex and everchanging financial world, it’s never been more important to seek qualified and experienced guidance to help you secure a successful financial future.

Our major goal is to make it easier for all Australians to access and benefit from receiving the right advice for their individual needs and objectives.

Whether it be simple fact based information to make your own decisions or holistic advice from a qualified financial adviser, at IOOF, we’re here to help.

The role of a financial adviser

A qualified financial adviser will work with you and take into account your whole situation and unique circumstances. They will tailor a plan to help you achieve your short and long-term goals as well as protect you, your assets and loved ones.

A financial adviser will help you:

  • Invest tax-effectively
  • Choose the most appropriate investment strategy
  • Make the most of your super
  • Protect your assets
  • Protect you and your family
  • Plan for retirement

Importantly, research tells us that the benefits of financial advice extend far beyond measurable financial gains – to improved physical health and well-being and increased personal happiness.

The true value of advice

There’s a lot to consider when trying to secure your financial future. Should I pay off the mortgage or put money into super.... but what about renovations? When can I stop work? How do I afford the children’s education?

良好的财务人ice answers these questions by mapping out your goals and putting strategies in place to achieve them. The traditional measures of financial advice success have focused on achieving tangible goals, such as retiring earlier, relative investment returns, or simply spending less.

While these financial benefits of advice have long been established, we have evidence financial advice gives you much more…

Thetruevalue of advice. Our independent research, conducted in conjunction with CoreData, one of the largest of its kind undertaken in Australia surveyed 12,643 advised clients and non-advised individuals1. The study revealed those who have received advice:

  • 90% agreed their adviser is a critical partner in their financial success
  • 93% rated their financial adviser as very good or good with respect to the value of their services
  • 84% agree the value of advice outweighs the costs
  • 71% found their adviser via a referral – highlighting the importance of relationships and word of mouth
  • 93% would likely recommend their financial adviser to family, friends, or colleagues.

Some of the key benefits:

  • 93% believe advice provides clarity around goals and progression towards them
  • 91% agreed receiving advice helped them to achieve their financial goals
  • 86% agreed advice helped them achieve personal goals
  • 82% believe advice helps inspire them to work towards and reach their goals.

Almost half (46%) of unadvised individuals are open to the idea of seeking advice in the future, with 80% more likely to consider advice if they had a specific need identified.

What’s more,90%of advised clients say that accessing financial advice hasleft them in a better position financially. Advised clients say it also provides them with improved mental health (50%) less worry and stress (88%), and better relationships with family and friends (41%).

Even if you have your financial house in order, a financial adviser provides the comfort and peace of mind of a well thought out plan, a plan that ensures you are better prepared for the future. Furthermore, advice extends beyond measurable financial gains, to improved physical health, stronger relationships and personal happiness.

That’s the true value of advice

The True Value of Advice research paper (2020)

Seefindings from The True Value of Advice research paper


1IOOF: The true value of advice (2020)

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