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Helping Australians achieve financial independence since 1846

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  • Putting your money to work
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  • Sickness and injury
  • Life after work

Financial life goals

Getting the basics in order

Whether it's starting work, changing jobs or consolidating your super - it's vital to get the basics in order
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Financial Life goals

Putting your money to work

Make sure your money is working hard and helping you achieve your financial goals
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Financial life goals

When priorities change

Life is full of ups and downs, so it's important to make sure your financial situation adapts to your changing priorities
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Financial life goals

Coping with sickness and injury

Sickness and injury could have a severe financial effect on you and your family - so make sure you are all protected should the worst happen
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Financial life goals

Life after work

Life after work is an exciting time but it's more important than ever to ensure you can afford it
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How financial advice can help

Quality financial advice is about far more than your finances - it also gives you peace of mind

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IOOF investments

Why invest with IOOF?

Discover how our investment solutions can help achieve your investment goals

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Get more from super

Learn how you can get the most out of your super

News| 21 Mar 2023

FY22 Annual Members' Meeting

We covered your super fund’s performance, how we’re improving member engagement, our approach to sustainable investing and answering your questions.

News| 06 Mar 2023

How to help grow your money through compound interest

Earning interest on interest: learn how the power of compounding can send your savings rocketing.

News| 06 Mar 2023

7 Tips for Super Savvy Women

Here are 7 super-savvy tips that can help close the financial gap for a more secure future. #IWD2023 #CrackingTheCode