Investing in multi-manager funds

A easy and effective way to diversify your portfolio by accessing a number of specialist fund managers in a single fund

A multi-manager fund is a managed fund that invests in multiple specialised funds managed by different fund managers.

By bringing together the expertise of a range of fund managers into one managed fund, investments can be spread across different asset classes, sectors or management styles.

Benefits of multi-manager funds

A key benefit of multi-manager funds is the level of diversification they provide.

It is unlikely that one fund manager will outperform the market in all market conditions. Equally, one fund manager might have expertise in one asset sector, such as Australian shares, while another might be a specialist in international shares.

Diversifying across fund managers can help reduce risk and volatility. This means returns from multi-manager funds are likely to be smoother over the long term.

Our range of multi-manager funds

We offer two multi-manager fund ranges, each with a different level of active management. You can choose from:

  • the IOOF MultiSeries range that forgoes some active exposure to reduce fees
  • the IOOF MultiMix range of fully active multi-manager funds.

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